Kinetic artwork by Aaron McConchie on permanent display at the Auckland International Airport sculpture garden.

Installed in 2014.

Flippers by Aaron McConchie

FreeArt Map coming soon

After plenty of great support for our campaigns we were unable to get them across the line, so we are changing tack and creating a online repository for all things out in the public art domain. Wanting to cover as much of New Zealand and the World and let people find and experience more FreeArt both online and in the ‘wild’ stay tuned for more art and info on how to get involved.

Albert Park Fountain

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 6.09.59 pm

Check out the WAS Tablet Sleeve video

We have popped together a little vid to show you all what the WAS Tablet Sleeve is all about so take a look and let us know what you think. Don’t forget the sleeve will be made from the actual billboard of the project you support (not the screaming FREEART logo vinyl) so it will be unique and super cool. Just like our video

SNEAK PEAK: Sarah Albisser

SNEAK PEAK: Sarah Albisser

Sarah Albisser is a woman of many talents, from award winning dancer and choreographer to international artist, Swiss born Sarah has created a new work just for FreeArt.

When asked about how she chooses her subject matter for her paintings Sarah had this to say,

“In my paintings I am trying to capture expressions, feelings, moods and mental states. I believe our hard drive has stored thousands of these feelings, thoughts and expressions. I am fascinated how each of us has our unique expression of who we are.
In the past I have never used images or photos of faces, most of my portraits are developed through improvisation.”

Sarah’s work will be live very soon where you can support her and FreeArt to make large scale public art a reality.

SNEAK PEAK: Tony Graystone

SNEAK PEAK: Tony Graystone

British born graphic artist, Tony Graystone, ventured to our shores in 2008 and has carved out a niche working with concept focused graphics for independent brands and expanding his fine art repertoire at the same time. His work is fastidious and exacting.

Tony’s work for FreeArt is a large scale drawing executed entirely with pen and ink. The effort that has been poured into Astral Nomads is astonishing as is the conceptual nature of the work. Stay tuned for Tony’s full project very soon.


SNEAK PEAK: Franziska Pöschl

SNEAK PEAK: Franziska Pöschl

Recent graduate from AUT University, Franziska’s interest lies in creating images that explore the relationship between pleasure and pain, and desire and aversion. In her work she deals with internal functions of the body, which are at once familiar, yet grotesque and surprising in their damp naturalness.

Franziska will be promoting a brand new work entitle Three (2013) for her FreeArt project. Make sure you check back regularly to see her new work and support public art in Auckland



Nick will be one of our artists in the first release of our projects. When asked about his inspiration, Nick had this to say,

“I am very inspired by nature and especially clouds. I am highly interested in the mind and compose and rework my paintings in my head for a couple of weeks or months and create new works in a constant procession.

I would love to see what goes on in the far reaches of the planet and paint my observation of the mysteries of existence and the possibilities of the mind.”

Stay tuned for his project and more images really soon.

6th May – Official first projects to launch

We are excited to announce that Tuesday 6th May 2014 (NZ) @ 9am is the official launch date of our very first projects for FreeArt. There are 10 exciting new artworks for you to feast your eyes on and support to get them up on billboards throughout Auckland.

It has been a long time coming and you will get to see works from;

  • Antoinette Ratcliffe
  • Kiyun Lee
  • Nick Boyd
  • Tony Graystone
  • Franziska Poschl
  • Matt Moriarty
  • Sarah Albisser
  • Josh O’Rourke
  • Michaela Cox
  • Sean Duffell

Its going to be a massive Tuesday, some could even say a ‘Fat’ one. Stay tuned for more info and updates

New campaigns launching soon – Full steam ahead

New campaigns launching soon – Full steam ahead

Our last collection of campaigns have finished their run, and we are busy collating work from fellow artists to start new campaigns, we have a few exciting changes to FreeArt coming very soon and even more ways to support our artists and get some great rewards.

We are building FreeArt into an exciting home for contemporary artists to show what they can do and get their work up on to billboards so 000’s more people can see it for free.

Exciting times ahead start with baby steps. we are doing those now but you just wait and see when we start running!



Kiyun Lee was born in Suwon, South Korea in 1991 and immigrated to New Zealand in 2001. Lee works predominantly in the medium of sculpture, installation, photography and drawings. She completed BFA with honours at the Elam School of Fine Art in Auckland in 2013.

Lee is interested in undoing the antagonisms of empty and full, positive and negative and inside, outside in regards to the planar geometry.

Small delay in first project releases

There has been a little delay in releasing the first of our projects due to a small technical difficulty with our payment gateway.
We want to make sure that it is 100% from the get go, so have delayed release for just a day or so to make sure it is all working the way it should.
We are working with PayPal to resolve the issue and we will be announcing the launch ASAP right here and on the facebooks.

SNEAK PEAK: Sean Duffell

SNEAK PEAK: Sean Duffell

Drawing inspiration straight from natural NZ fauna, flora, insects, birds, inverter brae, insects and reptiles, Sean Duffell (A.K.A. Ghostie) produces reinterpretations of our natural habitat by creating complex abstracted patterns that still retains that graphic style from his character based days.

Sean believes originality in ones work is paramount as an artist and art in public spaces should ultimately aim to empower the surrounding community. Sean’s hope is that his work will add a sense of vibrancy and contribute culturally to the areas that he is painting in, and that the members of these communities will take ownership and pride in the murals.

SNEAK PEAK: Matt Moriarty

SNEAK PEAK: Matt Moriarty

Kaikoura based artist, Matt Moriarty is concerned with the natural environment, and a recent work, Bone Park presents the notion that our national parks are fundamental to our
very existence, forming the impetus to continue to prioritize their protection and survival. Bone Park has been exhibited in Auckland, Waikato, Napier & Kaikoura. A key work in the series titled Suture was a recipient of merit at
the 2011 National Contemporary Art Awards, exhibiting at the Waikato Museum.

Matt has created a new work for his FreeArt project entitled, Rest Area, and you will see it here first! exciting stuff.

The countdown begins

The countdown begins

A date has been set for the first of our billboard artist campaigns to be launched… 20th February is the big day and we are all excited. There is still plenty to do before the day but rest assured there will be some great artworks to see and support and some amazing rewards to receive for your generosity. Keep an eye on Facebook to see what rewards we will be offering and some snippets and more info about our artists.

More artwork: Sara Albisser

Sarah has been creating artwork since 2007. In a past life (pre 2006 Sarah worked as a dancer and choreographer in Europe and beyond).

Here are just a few of Sarah’s recent works;


Drawing 3





If you like Sarah’s work then head to her campaign ‘Frequencies‘ and pledge your support and if you can’t bare to be without one of her works then contact us and have a chat.

The Artists Studio

The Artists Studio

All of artists have dedicated space to work, some large some humble. It takes a lot of time and effort to turn a thought/moment of inspiration/message into something tangible so here are a few glimpses of the artist at work. (Above: Artist Tony Graystone working on Astral Nomads).


Antoinette Ratcliffe photographing several of her sculptures at Parliament House. Antoinette has her work Stuck Here For Days running as a campaign.

Sean Duffel

Sean Duffell enjoys working inside the studio and outside on real structures where scale is a major consideration to the execution of his work. Sean has Autumnal Guardian in a FreeArt campaign.

Only 5 days to go

Only 5 days to go

Our first campaigns finish this Sunday so make sure you head to them and pledge your support. Remember… If the campaign doesnt get fully funded then you dont get charged so pledge to as many campaigns as you like and lets see more art in public!